His legs were a little wobbly one night, it might have been the beer that caused the temporary weakness at the knees.

She was half his weight and half his size, she steadfastly refused to let him down as she supported him toward the exit.

“Com’on Mate, find your SeaLegs” she said.

The Sea Legs brand wasn't born from picking any industry and investing money. Rather, it all started with four engineering mates, a dream,  and a passion for great tasting beer. 

Being a latecomer and underdog to the already booming craft beer industry, It's the passion, bravery, boldness and courage that got the Sea Legs brand where it is today, and it's these characteristics and ambitious attitude which the Sea Legs brand proudly stands for.


Whether it be celebrating new milestones or pursuing your dreams, the essence of our brand can be found through connecting and growing with a beer in hand – or what we like to call 


                                                      Finding Your Sea Legs.


Socially lubricated and intoxicated by the conversation that was unfolding around the table, 4 engineers and a builder had just decided to open a brewery.

They just had to go home and tell their wives.


          isn't just another beer brand. 

Something we pride ourselves in is our authenticity and quality. Unlike large scale multinational breweries, our team doesn’t cut corners to get the beer out faster. Pop into our brewery and you’ll see our head brewer, Jon Fuchs, loading hops into our fermenting tanks and kegging our beer.

We are real people proudly making real handcrafted beer.

And we love doing it! Which is why every time you crack open a fresh can of Sea Legs you can rest easy knowing

What you’re getting, The people behind it and What they stand for. 


He returned home from work and asked her what she thought about him opening a brewery. 

Expecting something of a flippant response he braced himself to justify why.

“What took you so long” she said?


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